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International Students


Pilot Training Center (PTC) North Miami welcomes international students from all over the world!
We are proud to be a multicultural, and internationally renowned flight school. We have trained over 500 aviators from over 20 different countries. Our mission is to share our passion for aviation with the world!

If you are not a US Citizen or Resident, and you are interested in joining our school please find below information on the steps necessary to apply for the appropriate VISA.

How to Apply

International students must complete the following steps to attend Pilot Training Center:

  • Fill out a PTC Application Form by clicking here.
  • Fill out and send us a Credit Card Authorization form to process the $250.00 Visa Administrative fee + DHL Mailing Fee (this fee changes according to country of destination). All fees pertaining to PTC North Miami may be paid by using any major Credit Card or via Wire Transfer (Wiring information will need to be sent in separate email).
  • Once all your documentation has been processed, an I-20 form will be sent to you via email for verification of data, and once approved the I-20 will be sent via mail directly to your address.
  • After receiving your I-20 Form, you will need to pay the SEVIS I-901 Fee of $350.00 by navigating to the following website: www.fmjfee.com (your SEVIS Number can be found on your I-20 form).
  • You will need to obtain proof of funds as listed in your I-20 form (the funds will need to be available in a bank account for a minimum of 30 days before your VISA interview).
  • Contact your local American Consulate and schedule an interview to obtain your M-1 VISA. You will receive a list of documents to bring to your VISA Interview directly from the Consulate.
  • After your interview and once you receive your VISA, you will need to send us a copy of your PASSPORT VISA PAGE to begin your TSA Clearance process (TSA Clearance is required for the following licenses: Private Pilot, Instrument Rating and Commercial Multi-Engine Training – It is only valid for one year and it is your responsibility to keep track of the expiration date/renewal of this clearance.

(for more information regarding TSA, please click here)


  • $250.00 Administrative Fee (Payable to PTC North Miami)
  • Shipping Fee TBD (DHL) (Payable to PTC North Miami)
  • $350.00 Sevis Fee (Payable directly to Homeland Security Website)
  • $130.00 TSA Application Fee (Once application is complete payable directly to TSA Website)
  • $159.00 Fingerprint Fee(Payable directly to TSA & Fingerprint Technician)
  • TOTAL: $889.00

*If you have any questions, please contact our admissions department info@ptcnorthmiami.com and we will be happy to assist you.


  • No advanced payment is required for any of our courses. Should you decide to end
    your training for any reason, you will be refunded 100% for any remaining balance
    after all pending fees have been paid.
  • There are two methods of payment:
    • You may pre-purchase blocks of hours at our discounted “BLOCK RATE” and/or add the amount desired to your account.
    • You may pay as you go. As per our rules and regulations: for this option, the card we have on file for you is automatically charged after each lesson/flight – Students should not have any balance in their accounts and will not be allowed to fly or receive ground lessons until balance is fully paid and are subject to termination of training/VISA.**
  • An estimated 9-12 months is calculated to complete the Private Pilot, Instrument and
    Commercial-Single Engine Licenses (ATTENTION: this is based on an average time,
    please keep in mind that every student is different and learns at his/her own pace and
    may take longer to complete each course)


  • Please note that living expenses and food can cost up to $700-$800 per month.
    • Please note that Public Transportation is not easily accessible in Florida.
    • Some students choose to purchase their own vehicle or may share with other students.
    • Please find below two websites that may be useful to explore your options in terms of modes of transportation (cars, bicycles, scooters):

**PTC North Miami is not responsible for the services and options listed above and is solely providing useful tips for the purposes of assistance**

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.
The Pilot Training Center North Miami team

Our Benefits

  • Personalized Instruction for Flight Training in miami

    Personalized Instruction for Flight Training in Miami

  • Personalized Instruction for Flight Training in miami

    Personalized Instruction

  • Safe Flight Training


  • Commercial and Private Pilot

    Fly Every Day

  • Multi-Engine Aircrafts

    Well Maintained Aircrafts

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